Strengths Spot-It Parent Guide

Let's find & develop the strengths of the remarkable kiddos in your life!

What if you had a person in your childhood who helped you find and develop your natural strengths?

I bet you would've wasted a lot less time and felt a lot more sure of yourself earlier in life. (I know I sure would have.) 

Finding a life that feels happy, fulfilled, and well-lived can be quite a journey

...but it doesn't have to be that way.

With this easy-to-understand guide, you'll have the ultimate resource to empower the kiddo(s) you love most so they can start living a life that feels fulfilling and joyful TODAY.

**It's a favorite resource among parents, teachers, aunties, and coaches!***

In this guide, you will:

Uncover the Power of Strengths

You've likely noticed natural talents in the children around you. But, did you know that NATURAL TALENTS CAN BE IN OVERDRIVE to a point they cause detriment? 

This is why a child who's great at competing can quickly become a poor sport or a child who's sensitive to others emotions can become reclusive. 

There's nothing wrong with these children, they just don't know how to use their talents as strengths YET. 

Now that they'll have you as their teacher and guide, they'll have a resource to save them from a potential LIFETIME OF HEADACHES.

Find a Child's Natural Strengths 

Sure, it's easy to spot some talents in children. Becky is great at presenting on stage, Billy is a good artist, and Sally has the best fashion sense! 

Whereas these talents are great, they aren't the talents we're necessarily looking for in our children. 

We need to FIND THE TALENTS THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME. Talents that carry from one situation to the next time and time again. 

The problems is...we typically aren't trained in what these talents are. 

Not you though, you'll learn the top 34 talents to look for in children so you can SET THEM UP FOR SUCCESS few can attain.

Develop Strengths into Superpowers

It's time to devleop the kiddo(s) in your life to have NEAR-PERFECT PERFORMANCE on things that already come naturally to them. 

This won't be in a Tiger Mom kind of way either. 

Instead, you'll teach you to lead the child in a way that feels like you're SEEING THEM FOR WHO THEY TRULY ARE.

I'll show you exactly how to nuture your kiddo(s) in ways where they can utilize what makes them happiest and what will make them the most successful.

It's a gift you'll be thanked for for GENERATIONS TO COME

Change the lives of the children you love most today.