What if you could finally see what’s going on in your brain...

So once and for all you can determine the individualized growth and healing you need most.

You now can with a powerful neuroscience-based mental health & brain performance assessment & app called, Total Brain.

Total Brain allows users ages 10 and older to:

  • self-monitor all 12 brain capacities and risks
  • practice short and long-term self care
  • access professional care when needed
  • measure treatment impact over time - just like physical health

No more wasting your time, money and energy on generalized personal development concepts. Instead, you’ll learn in minutes what you need most to feel better so you can make your goals and dreams happen even more.

I want this! I’m in.

Taking care of your brain is just like taking care of your the rest of your body.

Your brain is an organ that needs time, training, and attention for you to reach maximum performance. Finally, you’ll have an effective tool with customized support to help you get there.

Total Brain is only available through a small group of companies and providers around the world. I’m thrilled to offer anyone 10 and older this powerful tool with my approved access.

If we haven’t met yet...

Hi! I’m Lindsay Elizabeth Preston. I’m a professional certified life & leadership coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) who is trauma-informed and trained in diversity, equity, and inclusion principles. I’ve spent the last decade helping driven women (and now men!) from all over the world create lives and businesses that feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside.

Total Brain is an assessment I discovered in 2021 while going through the brain scan process with Amen Clinics. I found the results on Total Brain were often just as powerful as what is shown on a brain scan so, I became determined to bring this assessment into my business. In fall of 2023, I was granted a license. I’m thrilled to share this powerful tool with YOU. It’s changed my life, the life of my husband, the life of my tween daughter, and the lives of my clients. Now, it’s YOUR turn.

Wanna see more?

Here’s the Total Brain assessment + app in action!

Imagine one year from now...you are at your peak performance mentally.

Feelings you couldn’t shake are now gone. Problems that felt unsolvable are solving. Doors are opening up for you faster. You feel the most like YOU than ever before.

Give your child(ren) the gift of great brain health.

We’re in a mental health crisis with teens. 42% of high school students feel persistently sad and hopeless, and 22% consider suicide. Giving your child (over age 10) Total Brain will give you clarity on how to help them so you can take action before a significant negative impact happens with their mental health.