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Learn in just 90 days the neuroscience-backed process on how to uncover and release the blocks that are keeping you from reaching your next level of success.

(Without months of mind-numbing therapy, endless self-help books, or feeling the need to alter your core values and dreams.)

If you’re a go-getter woman who is looking to uplevel your life & start living unstoppably, then I probably don’t need to tell you that living a life you love is possible.

I can probably spare you all the nitty-gritty details of...

What it would mean if you could wake up every day hopping out of bed, with a spring in your step, a song in your heart, and feeling excited for all that’s in store for you.  

I can also probably avoid trying to convince you that there is in fact a specific purpose for your life and that you’ll be at your best when you find that purpose and fulfill it. You already know that. 

But, here’s what you might not know:  

Achieving a life you love doesn’t need to take years and years, and there’s no luck required. You can become unstoppable with just a few simple tools.  

Being Unstoppable Means...

1. Knowing what you need, when you need it - When you’re truly unstoppable, you will know yourself so much better and be able to achieve more (plus ditch the stuff that’s not serving you).  

2. Recognizing unhealthy patterns & blocks before they wreck havoc on your life - Those voices you hear sometimes telling you that you’re not good enough or not trying hard enough...well, we all have them, but you can control them so they don’t control you.  

3. Having meaningful relationships - Whether that’s family, dating, or friendships, an unstoppable woman has fulfilling and nurturing relationships without co-dependency or guilt getting in the way of true connection.  

4. Being truly resilient - Anytime you have a setback, you’ll know just what to do keep moving forward. You’ll have a system for success already in place.  

5. Identifying those bits from your past that might hold you back from a brighter future - There’s bad stuff we all hold onto, but we can release it once and for all without the weekly therapy drama. Sound good?  

Imagine - how would it feel to create the life of your dreams? Yep, we’re talking swoon-worthy, wake up excited, “I can’t believe this is really my life” kind of stuff. 

I'm sure keep down in your core you know it’s possible to live a life you love because maybe you’ve even experienced glimmers of it here and there. And, if you’re honest, you would say that life is okay, if not pretty good, right now.  

Any of this sound familiar?  

Maybe you have a job or a business that lights you up...you don’t wake up each morning dreading your daily grind, but by the middle of the day, you’re starting to feel a little ho-hum about it. Is there something else you were meant to do, or some other plan for your life? You ask yourself, can it be better?  

Or maybe you’re feeling a little boredom in the personal relationship department. Maybe you have a good relationship with your partner but the fireworks have fizzled. Maybe you’re dating the wrong people over and over again. Or, maybe you’re not super connected to friends and family - it all feels a bit surface level and a little blah. You want deeper connections and more meaningful moments, but something seems to hold you back.  

Or perhaps you’re so busy being “mom” that you feel like you’ve lost yourself in the process. It’s not that you don’t love being a mother, but you feel a bit unfulfilled - like maybe you’ve missed some other purpose that was meant for you...you just don’t know what.  

Or maybe there’s no specific area you would call out as needing “help” but you can’t shake that feeling that you’re not living up to your full potential

Or maybe you know you have a few annoying patterns of behavior in your life that you’d like to be rid of once and for all. You want more.  

You can see that next level of success on the horizon, but it’s just out of your grasp, and not because you haven’t tried to reach it. You may have taken online courses, read self-help books, and even tried therapy to get your good life on track to being great - you know it’s possible to thrive, but how?  

Sure, you’re doing ok, but you’re ready for greatness.  

(Even if right now you can only admit it to yourself.)  


When life is good, it’s hard to ask for help to make it great, right?  

In fact, maybe your friends would think you were a teeny bit crazy if they thought you were considering therapy, life coaching, or self-help, because you look like you’ve got it all and then some

You worry that you should just be grateful for what you’ve got and quit focusing on what could be.  

Problem is, there’s a nagging feeling deep inside you that there’s more for you. 

You know the one. Call it women’s intuition, a gut feeling, or a message from God/the Universe, but you can’t shake the idea that there’s something MORE.  

It’s not that you don’t love what you’ve got, but you’ve got dreams and plans and a big idea that you could have it all if only you knew what steps to take.  

I’m going to let you in on a little known secret…  

There is a place that you can get to that is better (much better) than where you are now...even if your life is really good! (you were right!)  

It’s called self-actualization and only about 2% of the population ever gets to this coveted place of awesomeness. THIS is that elusive dream you’ve been chasing after. It really exists, and it is 100% obtainable.  

When you live in this place of self-actualization you: 

Love and accept yourself exactly as you are

Are fully open to your own creativity 

Live in the authenticity you were created for 

Are immune to the judgment of others

In other words, it’s amazing. And you can absolutely have it. I'll show you how. 


The best lives are NOT reserved for a privileged few who achieve fame or stardom. 

Living your best life does NOT require luck or being in the right place at the right time.  

Living a life you love is a choice you make each and every day if you’re ready.  

But how do you get there? 

Maybe you’ve considered therapy…  

Sure, therapy is great for women who need help getting through some big issues. It can provide you with breakthroughs on things that are holding you back, but if you are doing well in the first place, it might not do anything more than take you down a rabbit hole of trying to rehash your past again and again.  

The problem with therapy is that a lot of women get stuck there - instead of getting the tools to do the work yourself, you get stuck in the rut of needing a therapist time and time again like fellow unstoppable woman Allison.  

Tools for life-long success!

“Although it looked like I had it all together, those closest to me know I've struggled with self-doubt, depression and negativity that I couldn't shake. I realized by working with Lindsay in 'Unstoppable' that I wasn't doing life 'wrong,' I just didn't know the tools I needed for high-level success. 

Because of these tools, problems that once bothered me DAILY feel like distant memories. Now I don't feel the constant dread of 'life running me,' instead I feel confident, aware, present, happy and free!"

Allison, age 26

Maybe you’ve taken mindset courses before…  

We’re living in a world of info overload. Am I right? There’s never been a time when courses are more available.  

Problem is, just about anyone can create a course, so how will you know it will work? Maybe you even dabbled in some mindset or resilience coaching in the past, but if it isn’t based in the the effective world of neuroscience, yep, we’re talking brains... it probably won’t give you the lasting power you desperately crave.  

Hold up, did you just say neuroscience?  

I did.  

Warning: We’re about to get a little nerdy here.  

The reason other mindset courses haven’t worked for you in the past is because they haven’t actually changed you where the change matters. Right in the good ol’ grey matter. If you really want lasting change you need to change your brain. Now, go ahead and take a sigh of relief because I’m NOT suggesting meds or mind altering drugs. No way, y’all!  

The amazing thing about the way our brains work is that we can change them with powerful exercises that will actually change our habits, the way we think, and create resilience - the magical trait that separates the life likers from the Life Luvers™  

When you unleash the power of neuroscience with research backed tools and exercises designed to take you to that next level, that’s when you can experience true mindset shifts and break through those barriers that are holding you back AKA your mindset blocks.  

What are mindset blocks?  

Fast fact: we all have them - they are the pesky little beliefs we hold onto that are not true and they keep us from truly living the way we were meant to. They can also hide deep within our psyches and go unnoticed (but still wreck havoc on our lives). We all have them. Trust me. But, you can break through them. Knowing how to do this is the key to living a truly unstoppable life.  

The secret to living your best life doesn’t require years in therapy, or some magical potion...  

It all boils down to this...  

When you change your mindset with the right neuroscience backed tools you will achieve that lasting change.  

When you learn to recognize the blocks holding you back you can heal them and then banish them from your life.  

Best of all, when you learn how to harness the power of neuroscience to heal those blocks AKA bullet holes, you also learn to coach yourself. You aren’t dependent on anyone else.  

YOU control your destiny, your happiness and fulfill your own needs. This isn’t to say that you don’t need others in your life - but you will need them from a place of true connection NOT just to bandage up the bullet holes that life has left behind.  

Ultimately, you can achieve resilience, which is where the magic happens in that mindset.  

Unstoppable is the difference between where you’re at and now and where you can go. 


Energy, excitement, and confidence! 

“By working with Lindsay, the up-level in my life has been amazing. I knew I would see improvement, but I had no idea how great the improvement would be! Before I started working with her, I felt like life was passing me by and I was constantly worrying. I experienced so much brain fog and felt tired constantly. By working with Lindsay, I’m moving forward in life with ease now! I have so much energy and excitement for the day ahead. I feel more confident than ever!  

Tayler, age 26

Are you ready to make your future the amazing life it can be? 

Are you ready to once and for all banish those blocks that have held you back and start living the life you were meant for?  

You absolutely can get there if you learn the tools you need to achieve what most only dream about. 

Lucky for you, there’s a fast track to learning the tools, getting support, and becoming the Life Luver™ you were made to be.  

Welcome to Become an Unstoppable Woman™  

The only program that blends neuroscience, life coaching, and mindset block blasting to help you get the life you deserve - the one you will positively LOVE.  

So, just who am I and how do I know this? 

Hi there, I’m Lindsay Preston - life coach for unstoppable women who are ready to step into greatness and become Life Luvers™. I know the tools I’m teaching in "Become an Unstoppable Woman" work because I’ve followed this exact same process myself.  

Coming out of a divorce with a man who was living a double life, I can honestly say that I didn’t know what to do after that heart-breaking revelation. I tried therapy, but had a dismal experience, thanks to a therapist who wasn’t listening to my needs (or my intuition that something was wrong in my marriage before the truth came out).  

My therapist wasn’t helping me figure out a way forward with my life, and that’s when I stumbled upon a new solution - life coaching.  

At the time, I didn’t realize the power of coaching or how it would completely transform my life, but I decided to dive in and trust the process. What I learned was that it wasn’t necessary to waste away in years of draining therapy, relying on someone else to “make my life better”.  

I could change my life on my terms and it only took a matter of MONTHS to get where honestly YEARS of therapy had never even come close. I was hooked.  

Once I unlocked the secret I knew it was too good not to share with others. 

What I’ve found is that if you’re someone who is ready to take your life to the next level then therapy is just not going to do the trick. You’re not broken - you don’t need someone to “fix” you.  

Therapy can take away your power when really, the power you need to move forward is right there inside you. You just need a guide to show you how to get there. Working with a coach who has been where you are and is ready to roll up her sleeves and do the work with you is one of the best ways to get to that coveted next level in your life.  

That’s exactly what I do each and every day as a multi-certified life coach who helps women achieve their dreams - and live the lives they desire. As a coach I’m able to help my clients get results. We don’t wallow in the past, we learn from it. We don’t regret bad decisions, we move on from them and get stronger. We don’t put up with life, we love it! 

I have the life I love!

“When I started working with Lindsay in Unstoppable, I looked like I had the dream life, but, I didn’t feel it. I wanted to feel it! I’ve been through YEARS of therapy and nothing gave me the life-long lasting results like what I got working with Lindsay.  

The awareness I gained from working with Lindsay in Unstoppable has been completely eye-opening. I had NO CLUE everything that was holding me back and keeping me stuck in life. Everyone should do this work!!! Now, I am FINALLY living my life for me and FEEL like I have the life I love!”  

Erica, age 32

So, How Do You Become An Unstoppable Woman?

There are 9 core modules that you’ll go through over 12-weeks of life transformational magic. Each of them builds on the next to help create a life that is truly unstoppable. Here’s how each one works:

Module 1: "The Prep"

This is where the journey begins! Before we dig deep and uncover your blocks, you gotta get prepped for success. I’m going to teach you the tools on how to find the optimal success not only in this course but, for your entire life.

In this module, you will gain clarity on what areas of life you need to improve, learn how to set goals to become flippin' unstoppable, get your write on by learning to become your own coach (what will you do with all the money you'll save?!) AND learn the tools to not only overcome crappiness, but celebrate happiness! 

Module 2: "The Bullet Holes"

We’re going into your past on this one and pulling your past memories. You will clearly see in just ONE WEEK (yes, just one week) how your past is holding you back from your present. Prepare to see why you do those icky things that you wish you didn’t do.  

In this module, you will tap into your unconscious by using neuroscience proven strategies, fully take in how your past is holding you back in the present and learn how to take in the present moment so that you can live life to the fullest

Module 3: "The Inner Mean Girl"

There’s an icky voice in your head whispering DAILY in your ear bullet holes you discovered in the previous module. She’s called the Inner Mean Girl and she keeps you from up-leveling your life! It’s time to overcome that voice so you can start moving toward your next level of success.

 In this module, you will discover from neuroscience research what an Inner Mean Girl is all about, learn exactly what that voice is telling you so that you can turn your biggest inner b*tch into your bestie

Module 4: "The Strength"

You're likely putting up with things in your life that are draining you EVERY DAY! They're costing you time and energy that you could spend up-leveling your life. You've got BIG things to do in this world and cutting this stuff has to go. I'll show you how.

In this module, you will learn what areas you need to change in life for maximum sucess, how to easily make changes in your life so that you're never overwhelmed again and how to become the strongest (and happiest) person you know

Module 5: "The Action"

You’ve discovered A LOT about yourself at this point in the course. Now it’s time to get into action with these discoveries. This is when friends and family start to ask what you've been doing because you have a glow and energy like NEVER before!

In this module, you will learn how to set short, impactful goals for success, get the support you need in order to make this change in your life, and learn how you could be self-sabotaging yourself from success to ensure you NEVER do this again.  

Module 6: "The Packing"

At this point in the process, you’re feeling stronger than ever! But, you still have those icky things from your past lingering in your mind. Let’s get rid of that shiz FOREVER

In this module, you will learn how to FOREVER release the crap from your past, FINALLY stop doing the crap you don't wanna do in life so you can finally live life how YOU want to live

Module 7: "The Unpacking"

What you’re going to learn in this module is BIG. You will learn step-by-step how to release the biggest things that have weighed you down for YEARS (or your entire life!) so you can step into the person you’ve always wanted to be. 

In this module, you will learn the neuroscience backed process on how to release your pain FOREVER to find the gratitude, forgiveness and peace you've needed for SO LONG and experience a spiritual connection that you may have never experienced before

Module 8: "The Transformation"

Many say after doing the last module they transformed into a stronger, better version of themselves. The past is now gone and the BEST VERSION OF YOU is coming into clear view. It’s time to truly become you were meant to be.

In this module, you will learn how to step into your highest potential and gain quick clarity on how to easily start to create a life that feels ah-mazing every day!  

Module 9: "The Next Steps"

The work you’ve learned in this program lasts FOREVER! You've learned a process for continuious success! Never again will you feel stuck. Never again will you hurt with pain that you can’t overcome. Never again will you do things in life that you don't know how to stop. 

In this module, you will step into the greatest version of YOU by learning how you can live in your purpose, passions and strengths AND how to use this Unstoppable work forever so you are continuously up-leveling your life!  


Of course, the added *sparkle* is always the bonuses and I’ve got some great ones ready for you!

**Bonus #1: Private Facebook Community For LIFE**

Supporting you is why I built my biz. I am here for you EVERY SINGLE STEP of the way throughout your journey in this course. Making a big transformation in life requires the help of a trained coach. That’s why I make myself available to you DAILY within a private Facebook community. I'm in there EVERY DAY anwering questions and you will have LIFETIME access to this community so you can ask me questions beyond our 90 days together. 

This community is one of the best benefits of the course. You’ll create lifelong friendships with women who are committed to being as unstoppable as you, like Katharine:  

“Without the private Facebook group, this program would not be the same. It’s amazing how much support and love you can feel from complete strangers. The Facebook group is what bound us together. It’s a safe haven to express yourself and soak up words of wisdom and inspiration from others! Lindsay is in there DAILY with support. She is the heart and soul of this program and you will never feel like you are alone while doing this work.” – Katharine

**Bonus #2: Full-Color, Printed Workbook**

The power in taking this work and applying it into YOUR unique life is all in the questions. This is why I built a beautifully designed physical workbook to take you through EVERY module and EVERY bonus. You’ll have space for notes (so you can review your work for years to come) PLUS, I’m asking you the deep-dive Qs in order to take the content and apply it in YOUR life. 

This 150+ page fully colored workbook will be shipped directly to you plus, you can print more workbooks later whenever you want!  

“OMGGGGGG…I LOVE this workbook! It’s gorgeous and my surprise goodies were such a treat. Using this workbook throughout the course made it SO easy to follow the step-by-step videos. I got excited to pull out my workbook week after week to see what questions Lindsay had for me.” – Cindy

**Bonus #3: Video Training - How To Aim Your Strengths**

You’ve got strengths! BIG ones, my love. I’m going to show you how to tap into your God-given natural talents and aim them in your life so you can create a life YOU love. 

Fast fact: Did you know though that most people’s strengths are usually in over-drive? That means they’re draining you and even viewed as a weakness! It’s time to change that. Get ready to grow your confidence, authenticity and drive by learning what makes you special.  

“I was already aware and trained on what my strengths are so I didn’t think this bonus would be of value to me. Boy, was I wrong! Lindsay’s approach and demonstration of strengths was a completely different way that I had ever seen it done before. I now have such a deeper understanding from this bonus. Thank you, Lindsay” – Judy

**Bonus #4: Audio Training - How To Meditate For Happiness**

As you learn how to overcome your blocks in this program, your Authentic Self is going to start to shine! Learn from Yoga and Meditation Expert, DeAnna Shires how to meditate for happiness so you can live in that beautiful, authentic place.

In this bonus, you will learn to slow down, and brighten your word using simple, easy to apply techniques.  

“I loved the meditation bonus. It helped me understand what to do during meditations. Now, I meditate all the time which helps me slow down and makes my world a brighter place.” – Bridget

**Bonus #5: ADDITIONAL PROGRAM - Life Luvers 21 Day Challenge**

The Life Luvers 21 Day Challenge is the BEST way to start the Unstoppable progam. Together you and I will be working for 21 days together to teach you all the basic tools needed for Unstoppable. Think of it like your warm-up before a really amazing, powerful work-out! 

This progam is normally sold seperately for $97, but not for you. When you purchase Unstoppable, I'll be giving you this program for FREE!  

“The support and tools I received in the Life Luvers 21 Day Challenge gave me the momentum I needed to uncover what makes me come alive! Now I'm moving toward the future I desire. I was starting to think that I would never be happy or things would never change in my life. Not after this program! I've already quit my job and am moving out of state. I'm finally living a life I love!” – Kaitlyn


Ready to dive in and get started? 

Option 1: DIY 

This is for that self-motivated lady that knows she can create the change she needs - she just needs the tools to get there. DIY is for you if you’re a self-starter and prefer to go through the material at your own pace

In DIY, you recieve life-time access to ALL modules and bonuses.

This level is for you if you’re ready to own your transformation, and understand that results are dependent on you doing the work and recognizing those behaviors that need extra attention.  

(There is a 4-month and 12-month payment plan available too. Click the ENROLL NOW button above for more details.)

Option 2: VIP 

You get everything in the DIY program, but with additional support from me along the way with 15 weekly 60-minute group coaching calls (max 5 women per call). 

The great thing about these weekly calls is that I can often spot patterns that you might not even see in your own life. (We all have a few blind spots.) I will go deep with you in this work and will ask you more questions than what you’ll find in the workbook to make sure you get the most out of this program

PLUS you get two 60-minute 1-on-1 calls to be used during the two most impactful parts of the course. **Going VIP is the level I suggest for everyone if they can financially make it happen.** 

The next VIP group starts on Monday, 9/9.  

(A payment plan is available for this option by request only. Email: Lindsay@LindsayEPreston.com for more details.)

Option 3: 1-on-1

This is for the woman who wants white glove service - the personalized touch. We go through each module together and you get my feedback each and every step along the way. 

If you know you want to dive really deep into this work, then 1:1 might be the perfect plan for you. You get everything mentioned above with self-study and the VIP options, but instead of two 60-minute 1-on-1 calls, you get NINE along with workbook review AND on-going private email communication.

(A payment plan available for this option by request only. Email: Lindsay@LindsayEPreston.com for more details.)

Secure Payments:

Unstoppable is for you if...

  • You already like some aspects of your life but you’re ready to level up and love it 
  • You realize there are blocks that are seriously holding you back from making big changes
  • You desire to do big things with your life and are ready to stop playing small 
  • You want a partner on your side to help guide you to those transformations
  • You are willing to do the work to find and keep that change (you know there’s no fairy godmother who’s going to make it happen, but you believe that doing it yourself will be oh so much more magical) 
  • You feel like the Universe or God has something more for you  

Unstoppable is NOT for you if...

  • You are more in need of therapy right now (Not sure? <<Click here to find out!>>) 
  • You don’t believe change is possible for you 
  • You aren’t willing to look at what’s happened in the past that might be holding you back 
  • You don’t believe that you and only you are responsible to create your happiness 
  • You are looking for a crutch or someone to blame for your current situation
  • You want someone to do the work for you - you don’t have the time or the energy to roll up your sleeves and get shiz done.
  • You don’t fully believe that you can have it all (and so much more) 
  • You aren’t open to writing at least 30 minutes/day in order to gain ah-mazing results 

You have no idea what is waiting for you when you truly become an unstoppable woman! 


 The choice to be who she wants to be!

“My new awareness is MIND-BLOWING! I had no idea the crap I was telling myself was hindering me from living an awesome life. Now, I have a choice to be who I want to be and have clarity on how I want to live!  

I definitely got more than my money’s worth working with Lindsay in Unstoppable. The awareness and healing I did with her allowed me to create the life I love which includes following my passion and starting a new business!”  

Jen, age 32

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

I know that getting help can feel scary and like a big risk. That’s why I offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Get started in Becoming an Unstoppable Woman today and if you realize the program isn’t for you, then no worries. Email me for a refund and we’ll get you sorted out immediately. 

Look, there’s a reason why I’ve never had anyone ask for a refund in this program - it gets BIG results. But I also know that investing in yourself feels risky if you’ve never done it before. I’ve got your back so you can get started without that icky feeling of “What if this isn’t for me?”  

 The best investment she's ever made!

“As a little girl, I always had big dreams in life. Now, I can actually go out and fulfill them thanks to Unstoppable! For the first time in 28 years, I feel wanted, loved, respected and good enough. 

I didn’t know how I would afford Unstoppable, but I took the leap and it was the BEST investment I’ve ever made.” 

Kaycee, age 28

Still not sure if this program is right for you? I get it. 

It can feel scary to dive into a program when you don’t know if it’s the right choice. Or, maybe you know Becoming an Unstoppable Woman is the right choice for you, but you’re not sure which level makes sense for where you’re at. I’m here to help!  

To get started, take this short quiz to find out if coaching with me is the right fit for you. You’ll have an opportunity to book a quick call with me after you take the quiz to make sure you sign up for the level of Unstoppable that was made for you.  

<<Take the quiz and book your call now>>  

Still have questions? 

You *know* I have answers lovely!

Question: Who is Lindsay & what makes her qualified to teach this work? 

Hi there! I’m Lindsay Preston. I’m a coach, teacher & strategist to go-getter women who are ready to create the life they imagine.  

I help women specifically overcome the blocks that are keeping them from feeling good about themselves & having the success they want in their life.  

I’m a Psychology grad from TCU (Go Frogs!) and a certified Life Coach through the ICF and Gardner Institute. My training is focused in neuroscience. (What can I say, I’m a neuroscience nerd!) This means the strategies I teach are based in neuroscience research to work for the brain.  

Once my clients overcome their blocks using these neuro-based strategies, I teach them how to find and aim their strengths. This allows them to have clarity on what they were meant to do in this life + how to get that life! From this work, they typically feel like they’re living a life they love within just a few months.

Question: How do I know if this course is right for me? 

Okay, so everyone’s situation is a little bit different and I can’t guarantee results, but I can give you the exact step-by-step, backed by science to work plan on how to find and overcome your mental blocks. Including all the tools, strategies and step-by-step hand holding that’s needed on exactly how to do this.  

There are women from ALL backgrounds who have gone through this program with me and they’ve all been able to up-level their lives because of this work. In fact, I interviewed some of them to share their experience with you. (Watch the video above on this page to hear those interviews.)  

This course is definitely right for you if…  

You’re motivated to take your life to the next level and ready to overcome the crap that’s holding you back and/or…. You’re feeling a bit stuck about where to go next in life and/or…. You’re ready to finally overcome those icky feelings that haunt you from your past and/or… You loved the Life Luvers Challenge and are ready for more and/or… You have a real desire to not just learn but actually implement change in your life The key requirement for this course I’d say is definitely a positive attitude, being an action-taken and being “coachable”. (Meaning you’re open to getting feedback from me about blocks you may not be seeing for yourself. 

Question: How is this course different? 

This program is unique in that it’s based entirely in neuroscience research and proven to help you overcome your blocks. It takes something that would take months (if not years) in therapy and teaches you a step-by-step system on how to release the crap that’s keeping you stuck.  

I’m really big about giving 1-on-1 feedback. That’s why I offer the private Facebook group for this course. I want to ensure that you understand the material and get the help you need along the way. (This course will NOT be one that you don’t get killer insight and results from.) I’m not aware of any other coaches who offer so much direct 1-on-1 attention in a course like this one. I do it because I know it will allow you to succeed.  

My teaching style is very direct, supportive and calming. I get you into action with ease while knowing that you are 100% loved and supported along the way.  

If you’ve come across other life coaches, not many know of or teach the neuroscience behind their strategies. I’ll show you what research is out there to support the strategies I teach you. This will leave you with the knowledge to know on those tough days to keep with it because this stuff works!

Question: When does this couse start?

You will gain access to the course in it’s entirety at sign up. You go at your own pace, however, I do provide a schedule for you (with accountability!) should you want something structured. If you select the VIP or 1-on-1 option, we will put together a schedule for you to follow for each week based on when we have 1-on-1 calls.

Question: What happens after I pay?

You’ll receive a welcome email right away! It will give you the link to set up your username and password on the membership site. In the membership site, you’ll immediately have access to all of the modules and bonuses immediately. You’ll also be given the link to access the private Facebook community immediately after registering as well.

Question: What if now isn't a good time?

If you’re a busy woman, then it might feel overwhelming to add another responsibility to your plate. But, if you don’t do the work now, when will you do it? If you truly have too many commitments in your life at this time, then it might make sense to wait, but the women in my program are seeing results from spending just 3 hours a week on the material. Is there something that isn’t serving you that could be put on a back burner so you can finally get that life you desire? 

Question: Do I have too many "isues" for this course?

I've worked with it all – depression, bipolar, anxiety, PTSD, borderline personality. That’s not a hindrance AT ALL in my eyes however, motivation level is very important. You MUST be motivated to change your life and do the work of this course in order to get there. If you aren’t sure whether this is the right course for you at this time, I invite you to take my quiz to see if therapy or life-coaching is the right fit for you. You can take the quiz by <<clicking here now.>>

Question: Is this course only for 20 & 30 something women?

Sorry guys, I work with women only at this time. My specialty is working with 20 & 30 something motivated women. Women above 40 join from time to time and find our youthful energy fun! Young women below age 20 are typically too young to be ready for this work. If you’re currently suffering from depression or anxiety, this program can help you too. You’ll need to be at a place where you feel motivated enough to commit.

Question: How much time should I expect to spend on this course?

This course runs for 12 weeks. You should expect to spend 3 hours/week on watching videos, completing your workbook and doing the daily habits for success. Remember that in this course you'll be learning a process for life-long success. A few hours a week for a few weeks will have everlasting benefits!

 Question: Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

I no longer give scholarships for this course. There’s a psychology when you invest the money in something – you take it seriously! If money is tight for you, I encourage you to find creative ways to make this investment. I know it can feel hard but, it will mean SO much more when you are able to make that investment AND you’ll get killer results because of it!

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Option 1: DIY 

This is for that self-motivated lady that knows she can create the change she needs - she just needs the tools to get there. DIY is for you if you’re a self-starter and prefer to go through the material at your own pace

In DIY, you recieve life-time access to ALL modules and bonuses.

This level is for you if you’re ready to own your transformation, and understand that results are dependent on you doing the work and recognizing those behaviors that need extra attention.  

Option 2: VIP 

You get everything in the DIY program, but with additional support from me along the way with 15 weekly 60-minute group coaching calls (max 5 women per call).  

The great thing about these weekly calls is that I can often spot patterns that you might not even see in your own life. (We all have a few blind spots.) I will go deep with you in this work and will ask you more questions than what you’ll find in the workbook to make sure you get the most out of this program.  

PLUS you get two 60-minute 1-on-1 calls to be used during the two most impactful parts of the course. **Going VIP is the level I suggest for everyone if they can financially make it happen.**

The next VIP group starts on Monday, 9/9!  

Option 3: 1-on-1

This is for the woman who wants white glove service - the personalized touch. We go through each module together and you get my feedback each and every step along the way. 

If you know you want to dive really deep into this work, then 1:1 might be the perfect plan for you. You get everything mentioned above with self-study and the VIP options, but instead of two 60-minute 1-on-1 calls, you get NINE along with workbook review AND on-going private email communication.

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